What is Laramap.com?

Laramap is a platform for laravel-developers around the world. On Laramap you can connect to other laravel developers in your area, create local user-groups and write articles. But you can also follow up whats going on in the community.


Back in 2015, Florian Wartner was building up Laramap.com as his first project made with Laravel 4.2 .. He was looking for a community, that shows him developers in his area to connect, learn and collaborate. The project was much welcome by the community. Within a few weeks there were over 3000 developers around the world signed up to the website.

After a shutdown due to some personal issues, he went back to his computer and re-wrote everything to it´s current state.

Tech-Stack behind Laramap.com

Info! The tech-stack can change fast. We try to keep this site as updated as possible.


Bugs and feature requests

Have a bug or a feature request? Please open a new issue.